NIS Professional Roof Management - independent, contract-neutral, certified.

A leaking flat roof causes high costs as it consumes time and resources. With NIS, Nordic Industrial Services GmbH, you’re on the safe side. Be it leak tests, leak detection or individual maintenance services. As one of the leading providers in sustainable roof management (RM), we offer you reliable, state-of-the-art service.

State-of-the-art sensor technology for moisture measurement.

Rely on precise measurement results with the innovative R.O.S.I. technology (Read Out Sensor Information) and minimise  maintenance and servicing on your flat roof.

  • Autonomous maintenance-free sensors
  • Without any additional hardware costs 
  • 30 years function guarantee
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Certified, contract-neutral leak test for every flat roof.

Obtain an objective status quo with the NIS leak test - ISO certified and compliant with RAL (Quality Mark Flat Roof Systems and Services, GZ-717). 

  • Prevention comes first - protect against major damage
  • For building inspections and acceptance - independent quality checks, safe status quo
  • Get rapid help and locate all leaks should you discover damage
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Dachwartungskonzept | NIS Flachdach Monitoring| Mehr Sicherheit durch Überwachung

Flat roof leak detection at the highest level.

With NIS's innovative leak detection method (HV-SLD), leaks and potentially damaged areas are localised with pinpoint accuracy and the roof layer package is examined for moisture in a completely non-destructive manner.

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R.O.S.I. Technologie | NIS Flachdach-Experten | zerstörungsfreie Flachdach-Dichtigkeitsprüfung

Increase flat roof safety through constant monitoring.

With NIS Roof Monitoring, we offer you a wide range of possible solutions to monitor flat roofs safely and protect them in the long term - completely individually and tailored to your needs.

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How you can benefit


We are ISO certified and RAL compliant


We test objectively as an independent company


We possess extensive project experience


We use and develop state-of-the-art systems


We ensure great value for money

State-of-the-art sensor technology makes your flat roof digital.

"R.O.S.I. is the 100% reliable electronic proof of water tightness. Once installed, the sensors can be read out at any time. Simply brilliant!"

Daniel Hennermark, Scandinavian Leak Detection AB, Sweden

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Our services at a glance
  • Leak test
  • Leakage detection
  • NIS safety
  • Roof Services
  • Monitoring
  • R.O.S.I.
Leak test
Safely tested for leaks.

Whether you’re accepting, handing over or purchasing a building - the contract-neutral inspection of the waterproofing for damaged areas or defects gives you an objective status quo of every roof surface.

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Leakage detection
Leak detection at the highest level.

Thanks to our professional leak detection testing procedures, leaks can be located quickly and precisely in the event of damage, thus avoiding cost-intensive restructuring work.

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NIS safety
We make your flat roof safe.

Your safety is close to our heart - with our individual roof safety concepts, you as the operator are always on the safe side.

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Roof Services
Preserve building value in the long-term.

Roof maintenance contracts, inventories or cataloguing using drones - our individual roof services are tailored exactly to your needs.

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Highest monitoring safety

Our innovative monitoring systems offer individual solutions for area-wide or selective monitoring of your flat roof, according to your needs.

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Your digital flat roof can do more.

A leaking flat roof can be expensive. NIS makes leak testing and flat roof monitoring easier and more effective than ever before by using innovative R.O.S.I sensor technology.

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