Roof Management - Integrity Testing & Leak Detection

A Building’s Number 1 Weak Point: The Flat Roof

Professional leak detection by SLD avoids costly renovations and extends the life of your flat roofs.

Mechanical damage due to the weather and climate as well as poor construction can, over time, lead to “small” leaks on a flat roof, which can very quickly spread over the entire surface. Consequently, flat roofs are the part of the building under the most stress. Locating tears and other damaged areas can prove to be very difficult. In addition, the points at which the water penetrates the surface can rarely be physically seen and the actual area of damage is often a long way from the visible damp patches and/or drips.

SLD offers the best solution:

Cost-efficient and exact leak detection over an entire surface or only a section, as well as comprehensive, independent documentation, which can be completed in collaboration with your own service provider.

Professional roof maintenance contracts with services, which are tailored to your individual needs. Ask about our Roof Protection Plan.

Roof Protection Plan
unktgenaue Teil- oder Vollflächenortung
Planung und Dokumentation


Roof leak detection is based on three perfected measurement methods, which are variations of the Electrical Impulse Detection Method and are used depending on the job definition, e.g. large-area, partial-area or point location. The innovative measurement methods and the intensive education and training of all SLD employees deliver faster and more precise results than other conventional methods on the market.

Our SLD engineers precisely detect all leaks and potential weak points. The damaged areas are then documented in a detailed report and are also presented as a visual work plan with drawings and photographs. Based on this, a specialist can carry out cost-effective repairs of the damaged areas immediately.

Bild: Nass-Ortungsverfahren Grafik

Picture: Wet test

Bild: Trocken-Ortungsverfahren Grafik

Picture: Dry Test

Bild: Spot- und Nahtprüfung Grafik

Picture: Spot and Seam Test

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