NIS leak detection. Trust the specialists.

A flat roof is one of the most stressed elements of a structure and therefore requires special attention. Leaks are difficult to locate without the appropriate technology and are often only discovered when water enters the building. Cost-intensive and lengthy restructuring work is the result. The certified and non-destructive NIS leak detection finds damaged areas and leaks as they occur - precisely and before they become noticeable. At your request, the damage can be repaired immediately.

Precision and high-tech bring every leak to light.

Professional and non-destructive leak detection and moisture measurements using our certified measuring methods help avoid cost-intensive restructuring work and extend the service life of your flat roof. Already in the run-up to the test, a unique classification procedure for flat roofs (RTRS) can provide you with an initial forecast of the accuracy of the test.

All leaks and potential weak points are detected with pinpoint accuracy, documented in a detailed test and measurement report and presented as a visual work plan. Benefit from our know-how and secure the long-term value of your property with NIS leak detection by our experts.

With NIS, you leave nothing to chance.

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  • PRECISE - Pinpoint localisation of damaged areas and exact documentation of the test results for subsequent damage repair.
  • EFFECTIVE - Leak detection without risky flooding, uncovering or removal of insulation, gravel fill, slabs, green roofs or superstructures.
  • TRANSPARENT - Inspection and leak detection at a flat rate or on a per-square-metre basis.
  • SHORT RESPONSE TIMES - The NIS flat roof experts are on duty for you nationwide and can respond very quickly.
  • CERTIFIED - As a member of the RAL Gütegemeinschaft Flachdach e.V. (RAL Quality Association for Flat Roofs) and an ISO-certified specialist company, we work to the highest quality standards.

NIS leak detection can save owners high costs.

"Anyone who has ever had a leaking roof knows how costly and time-consuming repairs can be. NIS leakage detection helps us to identify potential damage at an early stage and to respond in time. This means we can concentrate on our operational business without any worries."

Torsten Rechtenbach, Otto Wagner GmbH

Which solution do you need?

Our special measuring methods offer you the greatest security in locating all leaks on your flat roof. Our most important procedures at a glance.

The right technology for testing

Professional and non-destructive leakage detection and moisture measurements using our certified measuring methods help avoid cost-intensive renovation work and extend the service life of your flat roof. The majority of roof surfaces can be tested with pinpoint accuracy using our methods.

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Price models to meet every need

Leak tests, leak detection, comprehensive safety and roof maintenance concepts, monitoring systems or cataloguing by drone flight - you can book all our services in combination or separately - according to your needs. We will be happy to advise you.

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Certified assessment and leakage detection

The RAL Quality Mark Flat Roof Systems and Services sets standards for innovative roof management and professional flat roof testing and monitoring. You benefit from the highest quality standards when you work with us as your contact for everything to do with your flat roof.