Leak testing and flat roof using R.O.S.I.

With R.O.S.I. we and our R&D partners have developed what is probably the most innovative sensor for the most reliable flat roof monitoring on the market. Rely on precise measurement results using this unique technology and minimise the maintenance and servicing

And the best part is: The R.O.S.I. sensors are available free of charge for NIS leak testing. Be it for monitoring the construction phase, as proof of successful renovation work or for drawing up leak protocols to achieve greater resale value - there is much to be said for R.O.S.I.

R.O.S.I. | NIS Roof Management | Digitale Dichtigkeitsprüfung | Sensor und Antenne
Loaded roof area

Loaded roof area

Loaded with vegetation, substrate, gravel or other ballast

R.O.S.I. Sensor antenna

R.O.S.I. Sensor antenna

Placing R.O.S.I. Sensor antenna directly under the waterproofing seal. Access through measuring shaft (25 cm x 25 cm) for loaded areas

R.O.S.I sensor

R.O.S.I sensor

Placement of the sensor on the vapour barrier to read out the humidity values


Passive, maintenance-free monitoring system

With the R.O.S.I. PROOF equipment version, our patented sensors are installed on the entire roof surface according to a specified installation plan.

Manual reading of the sensors is carried out as part of the NIS leak test at the time of installation and as required, e.g. as part of maintenance cycles.

This allows the moisture value in the roof layer package to be determined at any time, covering the entire area and non-destructively. The cost of the sensors is included in the price of the NIS leak test.


Combination of passive and active monitoring system

With R.O.S.I. HYBRID, we offer you an individual monitoring solution for your flat roof that combines the best of both worlds.

In addition to the passive R.O.S.I. sensors installed throughout the roof, fully automatic R.O.S.I. sensors are installed at neuralgic points on the roof surface. DIGITAL PRO radio modules installed.

This combination creates a monitoring system perfectly adapted to the conditions of your flat roof for maximum safety at the best price.


Active monitoring system for permanent monitoring

Our active monitoring system R.O.S.I. DIGITAL PRO is a fully automatic monitoring system for permanently reading and reporting the moisture values and temperature in the roof layer package.

The data is transmitted 24/7 in a cloud-based customer portal and compared with the existing values so that alarms are triggered immediately in the event of moisture penetration.

R.O.S.I. DIGITAL PRO offers you the safest solution to monitor the moisture status of the roof package in real time.

Description of the mode of operation

Installation example for roof surfaces exposed to weathering

Placement of the sensor and the sensor antenna

Installation example for loaded surfaces

Advantages that pay off for you:

R.O.S.I. | NIS Roof Management | wartungsfreie Sensortechnologie  | Flachdachsicherheit
  • Intelligent humidity sensors
  • High-precision, robust technology
  • 30 years function guarantee
  • Non-destructive readout
  • Autonomous maintenance-free sensors
  • Wireless and battery-free operation
  • Certified monitoring system
    according to RAL
Convincing arguments for

building owners

  • Legally compliant quality control
  • Cost reduction thanks to early detection
  • Increased resale value
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  • Avoid later restructuring costs
  • Convincing quality argument
  • More value retention for the client
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  • They can safeguard their own work result
  • Makes you stand apart from the competition
  • Your roofs are "safe”
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R.O.S.I.'s innovative sensor technology is the result of many years of research and development in collaboration with the Swedish Institute for Future Technologies (RISE).

R.O.S.I. | NIS Roof Management | das unkomplizierte Flachdachmonitoring

R.O.S.I. - uncomplicated flat roof monitoring

The area-wide monitoring of the flat roof using maintenance-free, high-precision sensor technology enables the non-destructive reading of the moisture values in the roof layer package at any time. R.O.S.i. provides you with a data-based status quo of your flat roof and thus provides you with the ideal basis for making decisions on when to act.

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R.O.S.I. | NIS Roof Management | einzigartige Sensortechnologie  | Flachdachsicherheit

State-of-the-art sensor technology for precise, reliable results.

The latest generation of humidity sensors operates autonomously, without batteries and with no service required. They are read from the outside and provide exact humidity values.
The robust and patented technology delivers precise results and minimises roof maintenance and servicing.

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