HV-SLD leak test - certified, neutral and independent

Play it safe with the RAL and ISO certified HV-SLD leak test. With the objective inspection report from our flat roof experts, you receive reliable proof of the condition of a flat roof on the inspection date. We therefore recommend that you have the roof inspected ideally before the building acceptance.

Professional measuring methods for every application.

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With NIS, roofers always play it safe.

"Thanks to the NIS inspection protocol, we have reliable and contract-neutral proof of the work we have done. Our customers can be sure that the roof waterproofing is intact."

Christoph Wierig, Wierig Group

Advantages for builders, planners, roofers and facility managers.

Be it for monitoring the construction phase, as proof of successful renovation work or for drawing up leak protocols to achieve greater resale value - the reasons for carrying out an NIS leakage test can be varied.

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The right technology for testing

Professional and non-destructive leakage detection and moisture measurements using our certified measuring methods help avoid cost-intensive renovation work and extend the service life of your flat roof. The majority of roof surfaces can be tested with pinpoint accuracy using our methods.

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Price models to meet every need

Leak tests, leak detection, comprehensive safety and roof maintenance concepts, monitoring systems or cataloguing by drone flight - you can book all our services in combination or separately - according to your needs. We will be happy to advise you.

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Certified assessment and leakage detection

The RAL Quality Mark Flat Roof Systems and Services sets standards for innovative roof management and professional flat roof testing and monitoring. You benefit from the highest quality standards when you work with us as your contact for everything to do with your flat roof. 

Full service for your flat roof

NIS Bestandsaufnahme Dichtigkeitsprüfung

Inventory & cataloguing

Receive a fully comprehensive and interactive look at your flat roof.

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Dichtigkeitsprüfung | Dachwartungskonzept | NIS Roof Management | Mehr Sicherheit durch den Roof Protection Plan

Roof Protection Plan

Increase the service life of your building with individual maintenance concepts

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