To increase your roof’s service life.

Roof monitoring the data of a roof structure ensures a long service life for flat roofs, certainly one that goes beyond the roof’s natural service life. Since damaged areas can be identified at an early stage, intervention measures such as refurbishment, demolition and rebuilding can also be planned more cost-efficiently and safely. The following monitoring systems are available:

R.O.S.I. - Monitoring systems

The innovative monitoring systems from the R.O.S.I. series - (Read Out Sensor Information) stand for reliability and precision. Rely on precise measurement results using this unique technology and minimise the maintenance and servicing for your flat roof. Be it for monitoring the construction phase, as proof of successful renovation work or for drawing up leak protocols to achieve greater resale value - there is much to be said for R.O.S.I. The system is available in three variants: 

  • R.O.S.I. PROOF - as a passive, maintenance-free monitoring system
  • R.O.S.I. HYBRID - a combination of passive and active monitoring system
  • R.O.S.I. DIGITAL PRO - as an active monitoring system for permanent monitoring


Prepare your flat roof for an emergency. Increase safety with LDR (Leak Detection Ready) technology and prepare the roof surface for optimal testability at low cost. It is important to install LDR technology during the construction phase especially for roofs carrying loads and greenery.  This makes a subsequent inspection of the roof surface much more precise, quicker to carry out and therefore more cost-effective, and getting a status quo analysis is possible at any time.


Today, modern roofing companies, experts, builders and architects use precise measuring methods, such as the HV-SLD (High Voltage-Sensor Leak Detection) and the LV-SLD (Low Voltage-Sensor Leak Detection) methods, which can locate and report even the smallest capillaries directly and non-destructively. To ensure flawless and physical testability of the roof surfaces, we recommend integrating a high-quality contact layer under the actual waterproofing. A must for every wooden construction!


The load-bearing capacity of a flat roof is limited. These limits can be reached in winter by snow and in summer by backwater without warning. The NIS snow and backwater alarm system is a sophisticated early warning system and suitable for year-round monitoring of the current roof load.