Flat roof safety with NIS Safety

Safety is a top priority when working on the roof. We offer a comprehensive range of preventive occupational health and safety services when working at heights so you can comply with your operator responsibility. Benefit from our safety expertise. And you will climb to the greatest heights.

Our services at a glance

NIS Safety | NIS Roof Management | Sicherheitskonzepte für Ihr Flachdach | Gewerbe und Industrie

Safety concepts

We draw up an individual safety concept for your roof surface. Using interactive drone images. 

NIS Safety | NIS Roof Management | Gefährdungsbeurteilungen für Ihr Flachdach | Schutz vor Gefahren

Risk assessments

We assess your roof for potential hazards.

NIS Safety | NIS Roof Management | Sicherheitsbegleitung mit Schutzausrüstung | Sicher auf dem Flachdach

Safety escorts

We escort you and contractors on your roof using appropriate safety equipment.

NIS Safety | NIS Roof Management | Absturzsysteme für Ihr Flachdach | Planung, Einbau, Prüfung

Fall protection systems

Planning, installation and testing of cable traps and cable systems.
Fall-through protection of skylight domes and arcade rooflights.
Mobile fall protection.

NIS Safety | NIS Roof Management | Absturzschutzausrüstung für Ihr Flachdach | PSAgA

Fall protection equipment

We instruct you how to use personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE) and test it.

"I would like to use my experience and know-how to help make our customers' flat roofs safer so that they can be walked on safely and also comply with future legal requirements."

Mazlum Ötles, civil engineer and safety specialist at NIS GmbH

The right technology for testing

Professional and non-destructive leakage detection and moisture measurements using our certified measuring methods help avoid cost-intensive renovation work and extend the service life of your flat roof. The majority of roof surfaces can be tested with pinpoint accuracy using our methods.

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Price models to meet every need

Leak tests, leak detection, comprehensive safety and roof maintenance concepts, monitoring systems or cataloguing by drone flight - you can book all our services in combination or separately - according to your needs. We will be happy to advise you.

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Certified assessment and leakage detection

The RAL Quality Mark Flat Roof Systems and Services sets standards for innovative roof management and professional flat roof testing and monitoring. You benefit from the highest quality standards when you work with us as your contact for everything to do with your flat roof.