NIS Roof Monitoring - Digitising your flat roof.

NIS monitoring systems monitor flat roofs of any kind and report faults long before the first drop of water can reach the inside of your building! Choose from a wide range of innovative hardware components and intelligent solutions to make your flat roof safer. The offer ranges from manual inspection to access to real-time data thanks to sensor-controlled monitoring systems.

Solutions for permanently monitoring your flat roof

The NIS Roof Protector is a simple and efficient way to detect moisture in the roof structure. The transmission of the humidity data takes place in real time and enables you to avoid follow-up costs by acting early.

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R.O.S.I. - the maintenance-free sensor for convenient monitoring

Comprehensively monitoring your flat roof using highly precise R.O.S.I. sensor technology enables non-destructive readout of the moisture values in the roof layer package at any time.

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Our monitoring solutions at a glance

NIS Roof Monitoring| NIS Roof Management | R.O.S.I Proof | Passives Monitoring-System


Passive monitoring system with maintenance-free, high-precision sensors for the comprehensive and non-destructive reading of moisture values in the roof layer package.

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NIS Roof Monitoring| NIS Roof Management | R.O.S.I Hybrid | Kombiniert mit R.O.S.I. Digital Pro


Combination of the passive R.O.S.I sensors laid over the entire area with the active R.O.S.I monitoring system. DIGITAL PRO at moisture-critical points on the roof surface.

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NIS Roof Monitoring| NIS Roof Management | R.O.S.I Digital Pro | Aktives Monitoring-System mit Alarm


Active monitoring system with alarm function for permanently monitoring humidity and temperature in the roof package. The data is retrieved via a web server.

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Supporting systems

NIS Roof Monitoring| NIS Roof Management | MCS Kontaktanlagen | Leitfähiges Spezialvlies

MCS contact layers (Monitoring Control System)

Conductive special fleece of fire protection class A2 for prefitting waterproofing surfaces for full-surface waterproofing control.

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NIS Roof Monitoring| NIS Roof Management | Ringleitungssysteme | Leak Detection Ready

LDR ring circuit systems (Leak Detection Ready)

Weatherproof hardware component for preparing all loaded and green roof surfaces for physical testability using LV-SLD.

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NIS Roof Monitoring| NIS Roof Management | Schnee- und Stauwasser Alarmsysteme | Frühwarnsystem

Snow and backwater alarm systems

Early warning system for monitoring the current roof load with alarm function all year round. Easy to install, even when retrofitted to the roof foil.

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"Thanks to the NIS monitoring solutions, digitisation has now also arrived on the flat roof. The data enables me to act early in the event of damage."

Mag. Otmar Petschnig, F+P Dach Klagenfurt