We plan, test and install state-of-the-art lightning protection systems.

In times of climate change, there are more and more thunderstorms with increasingly frequent lightning discharges. This poses a threat to the safety of people and technology. In order to effectively protect you against lightning strikes, we support you as experts in comprehensive roof management in designing and maintaining your lightning protection system.

Arresting, distributing, diverting - external lightning protection. 

The external lightning protection system consists of the arresting, diverting and earthing device and helps to arrest and discharge the lightning current in the event of a direct strike. If a component of this device is faulty, an uncontrolled flashover into the building and possibly personal injury can occur. This makes regular inspection of the lightning protection system according to DIN EN 62305-3 and VDE 0185-305-3 and repair in case of defects all the more important. 

The lightning protection experts at NIS will support you in the testing, but also in the planning and installation of your professional lightning protection system. 

Equipotential bonding and surge protection - internal lightning protection.

Regardless of whether a property has an external lightning protection system or not, the maintenance of the protective equipotential bonding is stipulated in the Energy Industry Act §49 and in DIN VDE 0100-410:2007-06. This forms the conductive connection between the earthing system and all conductive parts going into the building, such as the water or gas pipes, and guarantees personal protection in the property.

If lightning does not strike a property directly, but next to it, the lightning current spreads in a ring in the ground and can thus reach the inside through the supply lines. If the lightning current is not discharged by the proper protective equipotential bonding, it can spread uncontrollably throughout the entire building.

Our services at a glance: 

  • External lightning protection
  • Internal lightning protection
  • Maintenance | Service | Inspection
  • Planning | Project planning 
  • Risk analysis | Calculation

„Our aim is to maximise the safety of your flat roof with the help of trained lightning protection specialists.“

Mazlum Ötles, NIS Safety Expert

NIS Safety - comprehensive flat roof safety from a single source. 

In the past, the lightning protection trade was not a classic apprenticeship trade, but was handled “on the side” by chimney sweeps or roofers, among others. Today, there is a normative basis that defines testing and repair as well as planning and installation of internal and external lightning protection systems and requires that the testing of the lightning protection system is carried out by a specialist.

With NIS Safety, you receive all services relating to the safety-relevant systems on your flat roof from a single source and in first-class quality.