FLECK ROOFGUARD frees flat roofs from critical backwater.

The ROOFGUARD by FLECK is a leaf screen featuring a self-cleaning lift mechanism. It is simply mounted over the existing roof gully or drain, without penetrating the roof waterproofing. If the water accumulates up to 60 mm on the roof in extreme weather conditions because the drain is blocked by leaves or hailstones, for example, a unique lift mechanism is triggered: The movable floats and the sieve move upwards and open the roof drain abruptly so that leaves or accumulated hail along with the accumulated water are flushed away unhindered. FLECK connect then sends a notification in real time to the user. If the water level falls again, the sieve lowers itself again and FLECK connect sends the all-clear.

Permanently active protection system. The leaf screen that handles leaves, hail or heavy rain.

The ROOFGUARD was specially developed to minimize the unexpected consequences of critical backwater up to the risk of collapse. Due to increasingly frequent heavy rainfall events with dirty leaf screens, there is a rising risk of backwater on a flat roof entering the house and causing considerable damage - especially on older roofs without emergency overflow there is this danger. The idea for ROOFGUARD was developed by a master roofer and further expanded at FLECK in order to be able to offer owners a permanently active protection system for the flat roof drain and thus increase safety on flat roofs.


FLECK connect for the ROOFGUARD. Digital radio module that enables "remote diagnostics".

As soon as leaves or hail block the flat roof drain or gully and the ROOFGUARD is activated, FLECK connect sends out information per e-mail. The owner, roof craftsman or facility manager can then decide whether the roof should be inspected or if maintenance needs to be carried out. FLECK connect is available as a set with the ROOFGUARD or separately for retrofitting on an already installed ROOFGUARD. It does not need an external power supply and also informs the operator when the battery is low.

How the FLECK ROOFGUARD works in 4 steps:

During normal precipitation, the ROOFGUARD with FLECK connect functions as a conventional leaf screen. The transmitter module is permanently active.


From a water accumulation height of approx. 60 mm (e.g. due to heavy rain events), the ROOFGUARD mechanism is triggered.


The movable floats then move upwards and open the roof drain abruptly, so that leaves or hail are washed away unhindered. The moment the ROOFGUARD triggers, FLECK connect sends out a status e-mail.

After the rain event, the ROOFGUARD returns to its original position. A check device indicates that it has been triggered. The owner, roof craftsman or facility manager can carry out a visual inspection or maintenance if required.n. 

All the benefits of the ROOFGUARD with FLECK connect at a glance:

Advantages of the ROOFGUARD with FLECK connect
  • Identifies urgently needed maintenance remotely - even between maintenance intervals
  • Reduces the risk of flooding on the flat roof
  • Patented technology developed by a roof craftsman
  • Can also be retrofitted non-penetrative on nearly all gullies or drains with pot diameters of 60 - 200 mm


  • Works purely mechanically, without external power supply (only by batteries)
  • Robust housing made of proven and weather-resistant materials
  • Particularly high radio range due to special transmission frequency