NIS Roof Services - Our comprehensive customer service for flat roofs.

Our individual service concepts offer a wide range of services relating to the inventory, maintenance and monitoring of industrial and commercial flat roofs. So you have a reliable basis for investment decisions and greater sustainability

You have everything available at a glance - inventory and cataloguing

With our interactive roof surface cataloguing and inventory using drones, we create 3D documentation of inaccessible objects with true-to-scale, digital image representation.

Have all your roof areas available to look at at your desk in detail and manage every square metre of your flat roof conveniently. Always have the current status quo at your fingertips.

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Regular roof checking - with us you’re in the best hands

Even the smallest damage is detected and repaired before it becomes a major problem thanks to expert and professional roof maintenance by the NIS flat roof experts.

Our digital and comprehensive maintenance log provides you with the basis for deciding on necessary maintenance measures.

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Flat roof safety with NIS Safety

Safety is a top priority when working on the roof. We offer a comprehensive range of preventive occupational health and safety services when working at heights so you can comply with your operator responsibility.

Benefit from our safety expertise. And you will climb to the greatest heights.

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Maintenance concept designed by the experts - NIS Roof Protection Plan

With the Roof Protection Plan, NIS offers you a modular and certified roof maintenance concept. In addition to the basic services of quality roof maintenance, the RPP includes the following modules

  • Surveys using the latest technology
  • Leak tests on the flat roof
  • Safety checks of the roof surfaces
  • Innovative flat roof monitoring
  • Inventories & cataloguing
  • 24/7 roof SOS hotline

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Further services

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Repairs, maintenance

In case of leaks in the flat roof, quick action is required. We are available to our customers nationwide with a 24/7 roof SOS hotline for emergency waterproofing and minor repairs.

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Green roof maintenance - professional, cost-effective

The green roof can only fulfil its intended function in the long term if it is regularly maintained. We ensure that your green flat roof is professionally cared for and maintained.

"NIS is a reliable partner for me and allows me to round off the services I offer my customers."

Benjamin Bock, Bock Industriebedachungen GmbH

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