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With our innovative services, we always work according to the latest state of the art and in compliance with the applicable standards and guidelines, as well as taking environmental factors into account. You also benefit from the tried and tested, customer-oriented NIS service on all flat roof related topics.

Dichtigkeitsprüfung | NIS Flachdach-Prüfungen | RAL und ISO zertifiziert  | vertragsneutral und unabhängig

Leak test: for making sure you have a safe status quo.

Would you like to provide the owner of the building with reliable proof of the condition of the roof surface on the inspection date? With our independent and RAL certified HV-SLD leak test and NIS test report, you have what you need. Before handover, you receive proof of the quality of the work performed by the contractors before subsequent trades enter the roof area and carry out installations there. 

Another benefit: For large construction projects, the status quo of the completed partial areas can be documented by inspecting individual construction phases. The inspection certificate can be used for billing the client and your subcontractors. As the client, only you have the right to information on the test result and only you receive the documentation of the measurement results. This allows you to have any damaged areas repaired before handover.

As you well know, every construction project is more or less complex. Make it easy for yourself when it comes to the flat roof - the professional team from NIS is there to help you: Thanks to the independent and contract-neutral NIS leak test, you receive detailed and reliable proof of performance for your customer. This is worthwhile for you twice over: You can offer this innovative service as a valuable added value.

Leckageortung | NIS Roof Management | Kostensparend, effizient, bewährt | Flachdach-Experten

Leak detection - rapid assistance throughout Europe in the event of damage.

Flat roofs are often exposed to extreme wind and weather. And if something does happen, you are in good hands with NIS. With our non-destructive methods of leak detection and moisture measurement, damaged areas can be localised quickly, precisely and cost-effectively. The result of the test is documented in a measurement report and serves as a basis for drawing up your concept regarding necessary repairs.

Effectiveness that pays off: Our intelligent leak detection system can be applied to almost all roof sealings. Leaks can also be located on roofs with gravel ballast or greenery without having to remove them over a large area. Prior to the test, we will provide you with an assessment of the expected accuracy of the test result based on a grading procedure.

  • Fast, pinpoint localisation
  • Non-destructive methods
  • Detailed measurement report 
  • Suitable for almost all roof waterproofing 
  • Highest transparency in the testing process
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NIS Safety | NIS Roof Management | Ihr kompetenter Partner für Flachdach-Sicherherheit

NIS Safety - Your specialist for flat roof safety.

As a RAL-certified specialist company, we undertake the planning, installation, maintenance and testing of fall protection systems from all manufacturers. With our digital documentation, we record all the necessary information as proof of the professional execution of the work in accordance with the currently valid standards and guidelines. Make it easy and safe for yourself by using our nationwide service from a single source.

NIS Bestandsaufnahme und Katalogisierung | NIS Roof Management | Alles im Blick, auch aus der Luft

Roof Services - Inventory & Cataloguing

Full documentation is worth its weight in gold when you need it. With our interactive roof area cataloguing by means of drone flight, we create 3D documentation for you with true-to-scale, digital image representation. You will receive an exact inventory of the roof surface with all height differences of the superstructures even from inaccessible objects. Transparency really doesn't get any simpler than this.

It’s simply practical to have the roof surfaces on your desk in true detail. Because this way you can conveniently view every square metre of the flat roof and its current status quo for your planning activities. Convince your clients during contract negotiations with the digital 3D documentation of the roof surface or use it during construction meetings to visualise the construction progress.

  • Interactive roof area cataloguing 
  • State-of-the-art drone technology
  • 3D documentation
  • Also for inaccessible objects
  • True-to-scale, digital image representation

NIS Roof Monitoring| NIS Roof Management | R.O.S.I. Sensortechnik | zerstörungsfreies Auslesen der Feuchtedaten

R.O.S.I. - ingenious added value for your customers.

Rely on passive flat roof monitoring with R.O.S.I - and secure ingenious added value for your customer - free of charge. With the maintenance-free and battery-free R.O.S.I. moisture sensors, you offer the owner of the building a comprehensive monitoring system that enables the non-destructive reading of the moisture values in the roof layer package at any time. Sound good? That’s definitely what the building owner will think.

And it goes like this: The R.O.S.I. sensors are available free of charge for NIS leak testing. This means that there are no additional product costs to be calculated. The sensors are installed by the roofer. The installation of the sensors is simple and is clearly explained with the help of installation instructions. Offer long-term added value for your customer's building and use the opportunity to score points with your customers with the innovative R.O.S.I. sensor technology.

Your roof - your innovation. Flat roof 4.0. - thanks to R.O.S.I.

  • Comprehensive monitoring system 
  • Maintenance-free, battery-free humidity sensors
  • Free of charge for leak testing
  • Easy installation by the roofer